The war on Christmas


Merry Christmas!!

In the last few weeks, i bet you may have seen this as a topic discussed in various media outlets; with some equating it to how far America has fallen, with others saying how far America has progressed. So i pose the question on here..Is there a concerted effort to kill Christmas?

For those who say yes (conservatives), their argument is primarily based on the slow striping of the word “Christmas” from the public view in particular and the effort to remove the default (Note: America is a Christian Nation) Religion as a whole from the public view. They lament that major retail and media outlets no longer say “Happy Christmas”, but instead use the PC phrase “Happy Holidays”. Also they point to the lack/absence of Nativity scenes in public places which according to them in the past you never had to look for Nativity scenes, all you had to do was turn a corner and voila! Jesus in a manger surrounded by “wise” men would be staring you in the face. For them it gave you that good warm feeling of joy and happiness that the season brings.

But for those who say no (liberals), their stance is that those folks lamenting the change are those that are not aware of the current realities of the American society as a whole. For them, America is a secular society and they feel that since Christmas is basically a Christian religious celebration, everyone should not be forced to come in contact with this religious ritual; that Christmas should be celebrated in the comfort of your homes, churches and not shoving it in people’s faces many of whom might be Muslims, Hindus, Atheists etc.

What ever your stance is on this issue, one thing is for sure. This topic would keep on springing up every year like a bad rash. My own take on this is to ensure that you spend quality time with your family and loved ones, enjoy the holidays and try to make it out of the holidays alive.



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