I am sorry this store is closed for the Holidays..

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For those of us that are single, one of the greatest task of the day is figuring out what to eat …especially for dinner. This particular night was no different except it was the night before Christmas. I had narrowed down my options for dinner…It was either a leftover fish soup, left over turkey from thanksgiving (which i had been nibbling on since the last major holidays) or my quick out – order pizza. On this night, i decided to settle for turkey but after some back and forth, i fell prey to the lazy bug. I had changed my mind and ordered pizza online (as usual).

I logged into my pizza account and tried placing my order only to be greeted with the message “I am sorry, this store is closed for the Holidays”…i was shocked!! i was outraged..how could a store (in present day America) be closed when gods (customers) like us wanted our whimsical needs met; but at the same time, i was overcome by relief…the relief that at least somewhere in this country i had found a store that was willing to close for the holidays.

Everyone these days are bemoaning the encroachment of big Business on our holidays. What were in the past sacrosanct days are now overrun by the blitz of commercialized Business and customer indulgence. An example of which is the grey line during Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Previously, stores opened their doors on Friday mornings, but these days, the opening hours have been moved earlier to Thursday evening…basically what you have are family members who trade their comfy dinner for the joys of long lines, cursing and the chance of being punched in the face over a blender; not to talk of being trampled upon.

Whenever folks complain, i say its our fault…yes! the customers fault. Any conversation with a retail CEO or even a store Manager will always illustrate the fact that there is a need for shopping out there and they (the Businesses) are just available to fulfill those needs. If the stores are open and no one comes in, Businesses will have no option but to scale back. But as long as we the customers give these Businesses a need to keep encroaching on our family time, they will take and take.

An encounter happened thus.. during one of the chaotic Black Thursdays/Fridays, a guy with a full cart of gadgets went up to the cashier to be ringed out. He tried empathizing with the cashier on the fact that she had to work on a Thursday evening instead of spending time with her family; she replied him and i quote “If you guys don’t come in to buy all this stuff today, i will not be here”..He fell silent, paid and left.

In the end we are the ones who will decide if these Businesses encroach on our holiday time.


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