How to curb your bulging waistline

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They say your waistline is directly proportional to your overall weight and confidence. Contrary to ads you see on T.V concerning all manner of weight loss pills and (expensive) weight loss programs, the secret to keeping your waistline in check is simple; two words: will-power and good eating habits. These determine if you end up being a size 5 or a size 9. I will share my tips on how I applied these two words (I refer to them as lifestyles) to enable me shed some startling amount of pounds in a short period.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. I was overweight and I was feeling the effects of this on my knees, back and breathing patterns, but I could not bring myself to start my weight loss journey. Why? My work was demanding, stressful and this took all my will power leaving me with nothing to “conjure” up to start my weight loss program.

How was I able to start? I created my starting line.  I decided to go on a week-long trip out-of-state and this gave me time to get away from my job and psychologically restart my year. I made the decision as I was driving back home and since then I have not looked back. Like my story, try to create a starting line for yourself where you can “officially start your journey”. For some this might be after a trip or festive season (insert New Year’s resolution).

Eating habits…..This is the key to all your problems. A healthy eating lifestyle can make you lose weight without starving yourself. Remember that this is a personal goal that should last you for a life time and not just some fad that you will not be able to sustain. A healthy eating habit will allow you to indulge yourself in those erstwhile unhealthy foods/snacks but gives you the opportunity to engage in some inexpensive exercises to help you keep their effect in check. To help you develop these habits, there are lots of apps out there that can help you with this. These apps are sophisticated enough and yet simple to understand. One I had installed could tell me what my dietary composition for the day entailed based on my scheduled activities, it had a bar code reader to enable me know what category of food I intended to consume, and advising me on what to have and avoid. It also kept track of my weight and lots more. After a while, I stopped using it because I had imbibed these healthy habits.

I does not hurt to engage in some outdoor activities of any sort. You don’t have to be an all pro athlete to burn calories as needed. For example, try to walk to lunch, if you can, make it a habit to pack farther away from your workplace to help you do some walking, resist the temptation of using the elevators when you know your office building has just 3 floors, get a pet (walking him would help you exercise). These are ways, you could burn calories without even making a concerted effort to. In my case, I play soccer once a week and never use the elevators at work. This is enough to keep my weight in check.

My results? I lost 20 pounds in one month. And after that, I felt good; most of the knee and back problems disappeared. I had an easier time breathing and most importantly, I could fit into my own shirts again!!

Nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment when you realize that you have lost some unneeded weight. All you need is to make up your mind and go for it. Believe that you are doing it for your own good and be ready to support it with a healthy lifestyle. Start now


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