A game to remember

A game to remember…a game to remember because everybody is still asking, what happened to Peyton Manning? I mean what happened? This was the defacto “Good guy” who was expected to put the Hordes of villains (aka the Seattle Seahawks) in their place. Richard Sherman did not help his team by solidifying their place in the villain category a week earlier – the poor guy was literally tongue-lashed into being boring and “saying all the right things” (different discussion for another day). Anyways, things got so bad for Peyton that even from our homes, you could not help but look away awkwardly, internally stunned that he could be made to look like a rookie Quarter-Back (as Steven A Smith would always say, ”He (Peyton) tap-danced better than the late Gregory Hines; God bless his soul”).

To put things in context, here is the prediction board that was setup in my office two weeks ago. No one even came close to predicting the outcome of the game.


And you could trust social media to step in and play its part in the ensuing horror show by the barrage of memes. You never thought that Peyton would become the butt of Jokes, but hey, that is the way social media is these days, no one is spared, not even the angelic Peyton Manning. A couple below


look at this




another one..

best-peyton-manning-super-bowl-memes-photos (1)

and my personal favorite

best-peyton-manning-super-bowl-memes-photos (2)

Sorry Peyton.


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