How the biggest loser became the biggest loser

I think it is safe to conclude that the show “THE BIGGEST LOSER” was the biggest loser last night in its season finale. The controversy that made viewers (on set and in their homes) and trainers look on in horror as one of the contestants came out for all to see.

For those who do not know the show, it is a pseudo inspire cum competition show that involves contestants who are deemed “over-weight” sequester themselves during which they embark on a weight-loss regime for a period of time. This show has been a success in the past because of its feel good factor – that feeling of seeing someone who was previously over-weight overcome such a challenge by losing weight; in addition to its competitive nature (as you are competing against others). A concept which appeals to me.

Last night, reality dawned on the viewers and producers of the show – how much weight loss is healthy? Is this something we want to be selling to our kids? Look at these before and after pictures of the lady in question



Even some of the trainers were shocked at how far she took this.


As the show was airing, a firestorm was already brewing on social media with people calling for her to be out-rightly disqualified. Most of the mothers who commented, expressed their disgust at how skinny she looked and how this promotes anorexic behavior. Some people questioned, if she would be able to sustain her current weight after winning, while some called for boycotting the show because of what they called “promoting an unhealthy obsession with being skinny”. Another thing of note is that she is just 24 years young, a fact that you can discern from her chubby photo; looking at her after photo, she looks 43 – but hey, what do i know.

For me, I understand her plight. Once you start your weight loss program, it is a slippery slope as you unknowingly tend to starve yourself in order to push for that elusive size 5; and most times, you may not know when to stop because you are scared that you may slip back to your previous state of being overweight.

Such discourse should never be; especially after an episode that is supposed to draw good feelings and high praise from mothers. A bad ending for the show.


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