What is classified as inappropriate content?

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When you hear inappropriate content, you immediately think rated 18+. I also did, but after I heard a couple of stories about this issue, I knew I had to write about this.

The first story concerns a Minnesota State University, Mankato football head coach. On that faithful morning, he was yanked off practice and taken to Human Resources where was handed a letter sending him on immediate investigative leave (a polite way of saying that you are 100% screwed and whatever happens, you are fired). He asked why he was being investigated, but was told that he would get answers in a couple of days or so. He was told to leave the campus immediately; imagine the anguish, embarrassment and horror.

A couple of days later, with his lawyer and a police officer in close supervision, he was shown two videos – one about 9 seconds and the other a little over 10 seconds. He was told that the videos were retrieved off his school issued phone. Both videos were clips he took of his three kids (2 girls and a boy – all of which were less than 10 years old) dancing naked and singing after their night shower in his living room. Apparently this was deemed as inappropriate content to have on his official phone. But wait!! Those were his kids’ right? How can it be inappropriate content if they are YOUR infant kids singing to you as their daddy or mummy?

Long story short, the coach was cleared off any wrong doing, but was dismissed. In the aftermath of the Penn State’s debacle, Athletic Director’s are now protecting their behinds by implementing stringent policies related to pornography, incest, child molestation and inappropriate content concerning its coaches and coaching staff. Anyone even suspected of engaging in or watching such practices are immediately terminated or in some cases handed over to the police.

The other story was on a smaller level, but scarier. A couple of families had a get together at the beach with their kids, and as usual, kids went out playing in the water and they all took their shirts off. One mum took a picture of this and put it up on Facebook. To her shock, someone commented, berating her for posting such an inappropriate content of kids on social media. She took it down quickly she said that she did not want to deal with such discourse.

All four of us agreed that these days, the public paranoia over vulnerable kids has led to scope creep in terms of what really constitutes inappropriate content.

So I ask again, what is inappropriate content? Where do we draw the line concerning infant protection as it concerns our kids? Can I as a parent post a picture of my topless infant kids on social media or on my company issued electronic devices? These are questions we should ask ourselves in our homes and also in the office to ensure that we fully understand the scope of what constitutes Inappropriate content.


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