LGBT: the separation of Religion and State

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In my usual morning self debate, I asked my self, what is my opinion on LGBT? Should a “Gay” or “same-sex” marriage be allowed access to state benefits? Simple: I do not approve of their lifestyle, but unfortunately, society has changed. And they should be allowed their civic right to publicly (meaning accruing all benefits associated with a marriage union) practice their sexual choice. Previously, I couldn’t budge on this issue. No!! Marriage is  between a man and a woman; any attempt to legitimize this oddity should be opposed to the tilt.

Caveat: I am a Christian, I believe in the union between a man and a woman and that is the only union that should be recognized in the Church. The LGBT community should not be recognized in the church (in anyway shape or form) because based on the bible and its principles; Marriage is between a man and a woman.

There you have it! My personal beliefs on the issue. As a matter of fact, I believe that most Religions in one shape or form specify that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Anyways,  over the years, I slowly realized that I was not following my mantra on the separation of State and Religion. Why use the standard specified in the Religious world as a yardstick to measure the folks living in the secular world. **insert hypocrisy innuendos**

But folks on the other side of the argument state that America was solely founded on Christian values and that is what has brought us this far – the fact that God is referenced in all spheres of life is why the Nation is great. They surmise that a same-sex union is not Godly and since the State was built on Religion therefore, the State should not recognize these unions or allow them have its (State) benefits.

As a lifelong believer that Religion should belong in their domain (holy places of worship and in our homes), its rules and regulations should have no impact in the secular world (as in the past and now, we’ve seen the dangerous impact of allowing Religion influence State matters).

In the USA, there are benefits (tax breaks and the likes) that married couples enjoy. These are State laws and I expect everyone in a union should be given the same opportunity to claim these perks. Using our Religious beliefs to deny these couples their civic right is wrong.


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