Why do fools fall in Love?

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Why do fools fall in love?  This is a question that has been asked for generations.

For most folks, they fall in Love because they don’t know what love is. They do not think of the repercussions of Love. What is Love? Love is love, it is caring, it is selfless, it is timeless, it develops, it stupid! (Yes, it is – often, it goes against better judgment and makes you act  stupid) and if not nurtured, we’ve seen love morph into something akin to pure hate.

We all have fallen in love at one time or the other (mostly during our younger years), and while some of us were fortunate to go on and consummate that love, others were not. To those who did not consummate their love, they found out that what they felt was like a flash in the pan-very potent in the offset but soon to burn out.

The smart ones, find who they are most compatible with- someone who they think can be bearable enough to be locked with in the same space for most of their lives; someone who they think can be a positive influence for their (future) kids in addition to someone who they think can compliment them and help them be the best person possible. These are qualities that are fertile enough to help you both discover love and grow it.

A study of 2000 persons found out that 75% of adults say their understanding of love changed, as they got older (probably after falling in Love a couple of times). The survey, conducted by Siemens, also found that the average person has fallen in love just twice in their life and has been left heartbroken once. However, 5 percent of adults have been heartbroken more than five times in their lives. All these figures point to one fact-people fall in Love a lot and also fall out of love with very few growing into love.

Most old couples who confess talk about their love will tell you that they got to their present state of hubris by riding the storm of challenges together, knowing, supporting and building that sibling love which is timeless.

In the end, we grow into love. Only fools fall in love.


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