Strike first and ask questions later: Vladimir Putin


The oldest trick in the book of Medieval politics….Strike first and ask questions later. Not only does this put you in the position of power, it also allows you to decide the rules of the game. Vladimir Putin espouses this line of thought. His (Putin’s) favorite leader is Peter the Great! A person who increased Russia’s land mass by annexing territories; but that is not the point behind this write-up.

Putin understands that a (seemingly) knee-jerk reaction cannot be reversed immediately. While the west and its media are busy labelling Putin’s reaction as knee-jerk and not fully thought through, the fact is that Putin has gotten some pound of flesh – he has unofficially annexed Crimea. As it stands, Russia’s troops are in total control and the Ukrainian forces cannot lift a finger else it would be the perfect excuse for the Russian army to proceed with some target practice.

Anyways, Ukraine as it is, is already buckling under its weight. Its total dependence on Russian energy and aid is a sad reminder of another ace Russia has up its sleeve. And the greatest mistake the Ukrainian leaders would make is living in a fool’s paradise believing that with the western media coverage and aid from the USA would make its Russian problem go away – Russia could sponsor internal strife, decide to invade more territory or worse still turn off its taps supplying highly subsidized energy to Ukraine – the country would descend into chaos.

And one more thing, Putin knows that the (Western) media only care about the next “hot” story and not about the lives of the locals in the ensuing chaos. Right now, Putin is ready to wait it out with Crimea in his pocket, while the media has moved on to other hot stories like the missing Malaysian flight.

What do you think?


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