The Butterfly Diaries: Johnny


[Aliases used]

Johnny never liked going out. After work, Johnny preferred spending time indoors, either watching movies or cable T.V. Work was demanding on him and he preferred to use his time after work to mentally recuperate. But there was one problem; Johnny was single and was due for marriage. His friends gave him grief because they wanted him to step out and hopefully meet someone interesting.

Finally, Johnny decided to go with his friends for an evening out. His friends, Sharper and Greg are elated that their persistence paid off and they have a night of fun planned. Their meet point is a bar on the outskirts of downtown – easy to find but crowded. All three meet up and huddle for the itinerary of the night which obviously excluded their current location as it was crowded with family sit-ins and seniors. Greg comes up with the next plan of action – there was this house party he was invited to, so he asked them to join him. Johnny and Sharper are reluctant to tag along since they do not know who was hosting the party, but are strong-armed into doing so.

They get some drinks and head to the house party and immediately blend in (firm handshakes, fake laughs, irrelevant questions and the likes). Johnny’s first acquaintance of any importance is Carmen – a voluptuous woman with a grip that would make a construction worker look with envy. They immediately hit it off, though not clear at first until she singles him out in the midst of a group of guys discussing to hand him her number. Johnny friends are on his case – “she likes you”, “she definitely wants to pound you”, “dude you hit the jackpot!! What are the odds? Your first night out in like forever?” The three fellows head out to another bar. Meanwhile Carmen and Johnny are busy texting back and forth and this culminates in Carmen ditching the house party to join Johnny in the Bar. He buys her a drink and they talk for a while during which he asks to kiss her and she obliges. They passionately kiss (a couple of times) and other couples in the bar notice this, some even stop to share some banter with the (obviously) new couple. Before the night is over, he requests to go with her to her place which she politely turns down explaining why; he quickly recovers and decides to make the best of the night. They leave the bar and both head their separate ways.

During the week, Johnny and Carmen continue texting and even meet for lunch, during which more kissing takes place. On Valentine’s Day, he gets her some flowers, takes her out for a movie – now, he is thinking hmm….i think I like this girl, he tells her and she responds alike; they both are excited. Johnny then drives her home for the night and heads to his place. A couple of days later, he invites her to his place and suggests a bottle of wine with some of his home cooking as a way to do something nice for her which she agrees to. A time and date is agreed upon.

On the day of the meet, Carmen texts Johnny to take a rain check on their evening dinner due to an illness. He is worried and he tries to ask about her health and she assures him that she would be fine. Later in the evening, Johnny tries to contact her to see how she is doing to no avail. That was the last time that Johnny would ever talk to Carmen.


Your two cents on what just transpired?



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