Along came Colorado!



Another major move again? That was the thought that crossed my mind as I heard the geographical location of my latest career move. Fort Collins, Colorado….hmm, isn’t Colorado the state that has/ (is proposing to have) Marijuana vending machines on the streets? Fact is, I envisioned myself working on the west coast of the country, but definitely not in Colorado. I asked myself, what is actually in Colorado (apart from weed) – and yes! i wrote an article about Colorado’s weed economics?

During my interview discussion, the woman asked me if I wanted to live in Colorado, I told her that I always wanted to work on the west coast and it was something I looked forward to. She laughed and told me that Colorado is NOT on the west coast but on the mountains… #Fail on my part. Colorado is in the midst of mountains – hence the term Mountain Time.

I took some time to look up the state and found out that Colorado is the real deal – some of its cities are constantly on the “Ten best cities to live in the USA”, “Best places to start a company”, “Best places for a career move” and so on. From general opinion, most parts of the state are relatively clean and safe; add that to its hiking/nature prospects and then you have a great location.

In as much as my move out of the state of South Carolina is/would be painful since I have built some roots in the area (church responsibilities, family friends, sporting bonds and community programs). I also look forward to this new chapter in my life. I feel like a kid about to open a Christmas gift – the anticipation, knowing something great is coming and wanting to savor every moment of it. Besides i am single which makes it easier to literally wake up one morning and decide to move to a new state.

One common factor about my move is the fact that I often find myself moving to a new state where I know no one or anything associated with it (and no pro-Basketball teams), yet I am able to build new relationships and bonds in my host city.

All in all, I am ready for the state of Colorado. Bring on this new challenge!!



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