Crying wolf on discrimination—Crowd funding




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The concept of crowd funding is a very exciting proposition – especially when you look at the inherent purpose behind the idea. For those who do not understand the concept, Crowd funding is a practice of funding ideas (project) by pooling (usually) small amounts of donations from large groups of people (aka “crowds”) through the internet. I am not here to lecture about Crowd funding, but to talk about a discrimination article I came across on Mashable .

Intrigued (as usual when it concerns discrimination in any form), I read the article and followed up on the website, intending to lend my support in any way I could. I navigated to the website, and checked out the BlackCrowdFunding tab which has the “prior campaigns” page – now, prior campaigns shows you various ideas, how much is required for these ideas to be actualized and how much have been raised. I am usually intrigued by the “ideas” part. I was looking forward to seeing what great ideas/concepts that the African –American intellectuals have put forward for funding.

What i saw on the page was a let-down. I expected to see ideas/concepts in the Arts, Design, Engineering and Technology; instead, the page was littered with (often over-used) charity based pleas. I said to myself, “I cannot give my money to fund any of these projects”. “No one (in their right minds) would want to give to these listed projects.”

A simple visit to Kickstarter and Indiegogo should pass my point across, even the Latino based Crowdismo has a better feel to it. All these sites have lots of innovation, ideas and creativity embedded in them that you will need self-discipline to exit their sites without committing yourself financially to one of their projects.

Everyone wants to be part of an innovation (some of these sites demand as low as $10 to support a project) which makes it easy to crowd fund. All you need is a great idea out there and you will attract money, but folks do not want to support an idea that looks and feel like a charity when they already are giving to charities.

Irrespective of the hurdles of the (maybe) divisive name ( and society at large, the key to securing funding (whether crowd funded or bank funded) is to have a great idea and concrete steps to make it applicable commercially. If you have a great idea, people would come running to you; the ideas displayed on cannot cut it in the immensely competitive business world.


-Footnote: Not all projects on these other sites listed get funded or meet their monetary targets, neither am I insinuating that all ideas on these sites are perfect (some are plain ridiculous and to be sincere, over-reaching) but my piece is in response to the Mashable article as it concerns the lack of funding for the projects listed on Minority based crowd funding sites.


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