The price of Hamas Tunnels



The above graphics recently posted by the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) twitter account has made the rounds in the media and it is worth some public discourse. On seeing the tweet, my first instinct was to re-tweet … I mean the tweet made sense – Hamas is using resources which would have been better served in infrastructure development for other sinister objectives; but for some strange reason, I went-on to read the mentions linked to the tweet.

What I saw provoked this article and to be honest, made me do some thinking. To put things in context, here is the original tweet by the IDF:

What is the price of Hamas’ tunnels? The welfare of its own people”

And a sample of the replies:

So you can blow them up?”

ah! Yes, so you could later bomb those homes, mosques, schools and medical clinics.”

are you serious? You are destroying I don’t know how many times the amount you mentioned.”

they build everything back, you’ll destroys it all over again. Then show to the world that you are the good one. Moron.”

“why don’t you f@#kers rebuild all that you have blown up”

The Israeli side argues, why expend these crucial resources to build tunnels while your people are lacking basic amenities such as Hospitals and Schools. In a vacuum, this sounds like a legitimate statement and the Palestinians (or any reasonable person) should be receiving this with good intentions.

On the other hand, the Palestinians counters that argument with, why build Schools with our meager resources, when all you do is destroy them? We prefer to use our resources to build tunnels that will aid us in procuring weapons to put up a fight against you. Yet again, in a vacuum this sounds legitimate.

And now you see the quandary.


2 thoughts on “The price of Hamas Tunnels

  1. Agreed. The whole damn thing remains a perpetual quandry because it seems to be what everyone wants. Oh for sure, no one truly WANTS to see their children and loved ones blown to bits.. on either side. But yet no one seems to want peace either. It’s a habit. Maybe it’s some subconscious self-flagellation thing among the Israelis; keep the conflict alive in some form to show the world they are still being persecuted. It gives them some divine purpose to exist. Maybe it’s a Palestinian thing to revel in poverty to assure a measure of devotion to Islam. Maybe, and quite likely, I’m just an aging American baby boomer who has seen all this for as long as I can remember, and I am so far removed from the issues bothering both sides that I can’t even comprehend it enough to provide a coherent opinion because I’ve had no family members blown up… as if that in itself somehow provides clarity to their struggle. It appears from may very skewed vantage point that both sides of this conflict have developed a kind of symbionic relationship; they need each other in order for both to exist. I guess if I were Jewish or Palestinian I’d truly understand. But the only thing I understand is that both sides, and most of the world, want to keep this going forever. But hey.. what do I know.

    1. Well said Doug. It seems both sides needs this war to keep on going as they benefit Politically and ( in the case of Hamas) Economically. The persons who really bear the brunt are the innocent kids and mothers who have no where to go but a refugee camp or a bunker.

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