Worry –The good, the bad, the ugly


The ugly

Have you ever been in that uncertain situation? Where you are waiting for some sort of green light but it never comes (at least ASAP) – you know that without that green light, you cannot move forward. Since you need this green light for some form of advancement (in addition to its potential possibilities) you are stuck in that spot pondering your next move –Do I bail and cut my losses?, or do I wait for the go-ahead.

I have been in this situation a couple of times and it’s a feeling that sucks (warning! I contradict myself further down the article). Right now, I find myself in another cycle. It gets to a point when you think someone upstairs is playing a cruel joke on you – imagine a bunch of men seated in a room, watching you stumble and laughing as you do so (and are not willing to help because they do not want the show to end).

The bad

Let’s say, you decide to stay and wait for fate. You decide to wait till the final light comes…whenever that is, and when it comes, it’s a red. Well, to put it bluntly, you were stupid. If you make the mistake of narrating your case to a someone who cares to listen, I bet the cliché of “you were not proactive” will be broached.

Now to the contradicting myself part – The good

That being said, looking back at my earlier “worry series”, I would say they were actually exciting in a way. They kept me on my toes and had me planning on different levels; plus it did not hurt that in all previous instances, I got my green-light.

Let’s hope I get another green light this time


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