Why we should opt for Spirituality over Religion


Why should i opt for spirituality and ditch Religion? This is a question i started asking myself as i became older and more aware of my environment. Earlier on, i had no answers to that question, but with advancement in age and my penchant for soaking up any information about Religion, I was able to build some talking points which has guided my personal decision to seek one over the other.

To put things in perspective, i grew up as a Christian, attended a Catholic Seminary and was basically taught that my God is the “Only” true God.

One of my major grouse with Religion is its history. Remember the Crusades, counter Crusades, heresy executions. People have and are still committing atrocities in the name of Religion.

Also, Religion was setup to empower personalities. We see how humans are made deities because of the position they hold in their respective Religions . Religion has also suppressed the rights of certain groups and at certain times, its hypocrisy is glaring.

Finally, why go through Religion to find salvation when you can work on your personal salvation? We all have our failings and no one is perfect, so the journey for personal salvation should be a personal goal to perfect oneself and always do what is right instead of living up to rigid standards that was setup centuries ago


10 thoughts on “Why we should opt for Spirituality over Religion

  1. Thanks. When i refer to Religion, i am talking about the structures that define the doctrines of a particular group. So, in a case of “personal” salvation, it cannot be termed a Religion. In other words, if its personal, its not a Religion.

  2. This is nice. “the journey for personal salvation should be a personal goal to perfect oneself and always do what is right instead of living up to rigid standards that was setup centuries ago” – You are right, the world does not need more religion, it needs more self-aware people living out good solid lives that honor themselves and God.

  3. I think how you practice is up to the individual. I like going to mass since it is concentrated prayer. Danny and I went to a wonderful non-denominational church last Sunday across the street from our hotel. The minister was young and an excellent orator. I probably wouldn’t take an hour and really focus on spirituality otherwise. I am amazed how prayers are answered.
    Thanks for bringing this to the party! I hope you enjoy meeting my friends by clicking on their links!

  4. Hmm..interesting post. Over time, I have come to understand that your views are largely correct. Personal salvation should be a personal journey not based on what someone dictates for you

  5. A very good write up! A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that the sales pitch of all religions is that “we will solve all your problems if you follow our rules.” Your post hit the nail on the head for me.

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