Making a case for Polygamy


I sat glued to the TV as a debate ensued between two camps, topic – Polygamy and its merits; what started as some side banter evolved into an eye-opening discussion. The show was Big brother Africa – known for sequestering housemates for three months from various countries in the continent. Housemates end up competing against each other and are voted out by the viewers after which the last person left would win a large sum of money.

On one side of the argument, we had a guy and lady both from counties in the western part of the continent and the other side, two ladies from countries in eastern Africa. For ease of illustration, I would categorize the sides in the debates as East and West.

The East stood their ground on the fact that they supported Polygamy – a view that drew incredulous groans and reactions from the West. I was shocked that these two Eastern ladies shared this point of view especially in this day and age. It was obvious, these Easterners had to be re-educated and cleansed. In the end it was the other way round.

The East pointed to mere math’s as their first (and probably major point). In their respective countries, Females outnumbered Males (in certain areas, 3 to 1)…..and this was a major concern to them. If every Male was mandated to marry one Female, what would happen to the “remaining” women who will be left with no one to marry them? Food for thought.

Secondly, (and they made sure to stress this) if a lady is not coerced into marriage, why prevent her from getting married to whomever she intends to marry. They still pointed out that the West opposition to Polygamy was primarily tied to their Christian views of Polygamy. The West denied this allegations and raised issues which constantly plagues Polygamous marriages, such as unhealthy competition amongst wives and their children, favoritism and its effects on wives etc. This was also countered by the East, pointing out that intra-marriage strife is usually a misnomer and not the norm as they are aware of multiple Polygamous marriages that have lasted decades and are still going strong.

Another point by the East, society is evolving. Society is rolling back most of its restrictions on man’s ability to decide who to be betrothed to. Whether it be LGBT, an open or a one-sided relationship, Polygamy in all its forms, every person should be allowed their personal prerogative in deciding who to share their intimacy with.

All of a sudden, the West team fell silent and it was like the scales fell off….I also got hit by the same red apple……It was startling.

PS: Utah has had some roll back in certain sections of the law outlawing Polygamy. As LGBT civil restrictions gets lifted, so will Polygamy’s restrictions. Its inevitable



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