Apae : The price of Free (Album review)


M.anifest released (in December 2013) an album titled “Apae: The price of Free”. I had the listening pleasure of experiencing a couple of his videos, and decided a full album review was apt. Here we go:


  • Someway Bi – The listener is serenaded with a jazz entrée as M.anifest struts in displaying his lyrical dexterity. This automatically will put a smile on your face as it reminds you of a typical drive down your neighborhood. The track is so chilled that it gives you a feeling he is showing off as indicated by his emceeing interludes (8.7/10).
  • Ebei (Dream Killers) – As illustrated by the track name, basically a motivation track. M.anifest passes his message over percussion instrumentals with the guitar string well pronounced. The track introduces a change of pace from the previous track (7.6/10).
  • Singitdamnit – Another distinct instrumental. It’s amazing that he successfully goes to work on such a complex canvas (extra points). He again uses troughs and peaks as an effective tool in switching between verses with the chorus ushering in some piano artistry. (8.5/10).
  • Debi Debi – Feels like he is telling story – scratch that, he is airing his feelings. Talking about the situation in his native Ghana –hoping that things would get better. Lyrically as flawless as he can be while effectively passing his message on strings (he loves his strings). One word –Reflective (8.2).
  • Right Here (feat Paapa) – I take emcees serious, and I regard M.anifest as one. An audition track of his abilities. M.anifest raps over a TR – 808 drum machine rhythm, while the piano sounds enables Paapa to deliver the icing on the cake. One of my favorites on the album (8.6/10).
  • Mind Games – Strangely, nothing about this track stands out. Well produced and with a pop tinge, M.anifest paints a picture of mind games in relationships with clarity. One of his greatest assets is his ability to pass his message across. Easy on the ears (7.2/10).
  • Never Feel (feat Blackway) – One for the hip hop heads. M.anifest and Blackway tag team on this to deliver a complete performance. Easy track but you have to listen because you expect a message (7.2/10).
  • Post Azonto blues – Jazz track. M.anifest delivers a song to slow things down. He tells you his views on gold-diggers. His abilities on display again. Well done (8.5/10).
  • Big Sixes – Drums and all, this is a diss track. He flaunts his supposedly money and his noble-like belief of his emceeing abilities. Since he built this album with a hip hop foundation, he is allowed his one diss track (6.9/10).
  • No shortcut to heaven (feat Obrafour) – Your feel good track. Obrafour’s voice is second to none. He carries the song while M.anifest does his thing. Not surprising this track has a video to its name. A very good work (8.6/10).
  • Someway Bi (refix) – A remix of the Someway track. Some new age afro – music mixed with trance is used to make this feel like a new track. Someone went to town with this. Kudos!

A song for the ages, well produced, well thought through and it shows you what happens when an artist puts in work. From the start to the finish, the album is awash with impressive emceeing, creative beats and has something for everyone. (8.8/10).



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