What’s your name



Below are a list of weird names.


This guy probably was influenced by the large emigration of Nazis to South america after the fall of the 3rd Reich. Seriously though, there is a large German contingent in Ecuador. I previously worked with an Ecuadorian and he was named Wolfgang.  But its safe to say this guy took it too far.





I’m guessing this guy wants to look the part. I expected the last name to be OZ. Bummed out (:




I bet the individual who was typing this sat on the keyboard……i cant think of anything else





Cop: Blah blah blah….can i see your ID?

Beezow: **hands the cop the id with a straight face**

Cop: **peers into id** is this a joke? i said can i see your id?

Beezow: This is my Id

**30 mins later***





Well, i guess his name gave him away…




What can i say, he’s on the fence on who he prefers between Batman and Superman. Who says you cannot eat your cake and have it. BTW, i never knew JAVANESE was a race.





He was born to be a Gynecologist








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