A joke of a petition – The FCC and PC


Recently, a petition was filed to the (Federal Communication Commission) FCC asking it to ban the name “Redskins” (yes! I said it, sue me) from its airwaves.

As it stands, there is no law against filing petitions to the FCC likewise is there no statute compelling the FCC to consider petitions. This situation places the emphasis on the FCC to otherwise filter out frivolous claims but in this instance, the FCC decided to “consider” the petition.

This article will not argue the merits (or demerits) of the name “Redskins” – because, I am not a Native Indian and I know squat about their history, but I still maintain that a NFL team bearing your name is a thing of pride.

The FCC is scared to not consider this petition. What if the FCC decides to allow the word on its airwaves? I bet you, the head of the FCC will be labeled racist, insensitive and hounded by the media. I even bet some will be calling for his resignation.

This is what worries me – the fact that Political Correctness in this country has morphed into a monster. It has turned into a well-oiled machine, that whoever attempts to say anything remotely contrary to their agenda will be crushed. I have written a lot about this. If society cannot talk about an issue, how can solutions to address the malady be reached?

This is bad, very bad.







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