Actors roles that have stood the test of time


Its Friday!!!

Anyways, this morning, i thought about one of my favorite actors –  Keanu Reeves and his role in the Matrix and how that role defined him. Since then, all other roles which he has played have paled in comparison to “NEO”. I started naming other actors who had defining roles that had stuck with them ever since. First, i could only come up with three, then the list grew to five and kept on growing. I then decided to come up with a list of roles that have defined actors (In no particular order).

1) Keanu Reeves (The matrix – Neo)



As stated above. In addition to revolutionizing the way action movies were made, it basically raised the public consciousness to issues like blissful ignorance over harsh reality. (Red pill or the Blue pill).


2)  Sylvester Stallone (First blood – Rambo)


Rambo!!! One of my childhood heros….His role in the First blood movie series, basically made him. Till today, he is Rambo :). Too bad, steroids ruined him


3) Will Smith (Fresh prince of Bel -Air -Will smith)


Haha..i still laugh. As someone said, if you can resist the urge to hug the T.v when reruns of the Fresh prince of Bel-Air airs, then you are a strong person. Will smith was shot into stardom with this role. He would go on to star in a thousand – and – one movies, but in our hearts, he is still …..ermmmm ..Will smith. (His role name was Will Smith)


4) Vin Diesel (Xander Cage- xxx)


He would go on a play other action roles ala Chronicles of Riddick, PitchBlack etc. But the XXX series brought him to public view


5 ) Julia Roberts (Erin Brokovich)


Depicted the role excellently. I always find myself calling Julia Roberts Erin. That was how epic she was in that movie.


6) Angelina Jolie (TombRaider – Lara Croft)


She ushered in the era of ass-kicking female blockbuster movies. Whenever you look at her, you see Lara Croft. #badass


7) Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)


Sadly, his career is still defined by this role.


8) Heath Ledger (Dark Night – Joker)


In blessed memory. Whenever his name comes up, the joker flashes before your eyes


9) James Galdofini (The Sopranoes – Tony)

rs_560x415-130619163318-1024.ab.Gandolfini (1)

I still suspect Tony. He must be a mobster in real life. Just kidding


10) Al Pacino  (The Godfather – Micheal)



Always will be the Godfather.


There you have it. By all doubts, the list is not conclusive, but these are roles that came to mind when collating this piece. Are there any other roles that did not make the list? let us know.





7 thoughts on “Actors roles that have stood the test of time

  1. Not that there’s much point dissecting this beyond the amusement of doing it, but the first six selections aren’t the roles that defined these actors. They represent image changes or “comeback” roles after becoming stars because of other performances.

    The Matrix films were Keanu Reeve’s biggest hits, but he started out as a comedy star from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He never would have been considered for The Matrix if he hadn’t already had mega-success as an action hero in Speed.

    First Blood was a sorely needed comeback for Stallone, who had previously been defined by Rocky. And Vin Diesel got XXX because of Pitch Black and The Fast and the Furious, both of which came first.

    Julia Roberts was already a well-defined star by rom-coms, mainly Pretty Woman. Erin Brockovich was a change of direction into drama. Likewise, Angelina Jolie was a well-established dramatic lead with an Academy Award, before deciding to change directions with Lara Croft, her first big-budget action movie role.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Mikey. Your perception of the post misses the point. These roles were not all about award winning performances, but about influence and folklore. A point could be made about Julia Roberts in pretty woman, but definitely, these roles DO stand out in their revolutionary ways.

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