As you take that next cup of freshly brewed coffee


Woke up this morning and I found it difficult to think clearly. My first instinct was to head to the coffee percolator to start a fresh brew, which I did. As the coffee situation was developing, I took a hot shower.During my shower, I realized that I was addicted to coffee, or to rephrase, I had trained my system to rely on coffee in the morning.

How did I arrive at this realization? My current apartment came with a complimentary coffee percolator which I never owned in any of the previous places I had stayed. In my previous apartments, my “pick me up” was a hot shower but once I started making coffee in the mornings, my hot showers couldn’t cut it anymore.

Armed with a cup of coffee, I sat on the couch as I brooded about this. Being that I have prided myself as one who has never needed stimulants in any shape or form, I had to come up with a solution to address this trend real quick. The only thing I could come up with was going to bed early. I surmised, if I could wake up early, I could lay in bed and allow my system the ability to gain its bearings instead of jumping out of bed like a ninja and gunning for the bathroom.

In church, I once listened as a woman gave testimony that she was no longer addicted to coffee. I remember asking myself “is it that bad that a woman is giving a testimony about coffee addiction?”, now I find myself in such a place.

Can you function in the mornings without coffee?


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