5 tips to help you socially immerse yourself into a city


So you move to a new city, you do not know anyone and you are looking to become part of the city and its people. There are time tested ways of being assimilated into a city’s life, tips which I have employed successfully given the fact that I have relocated 3 times in the past 3 years across 3 different cities.

Tip one – Living location. When moving to a new city and you are looking for accommodation, price and exclusivity should not be the only factors when choosing a place to stay. Ensure that your apartment is within minutes of Downtown or wherever the majority of attractions in the city are situated. This ensures that you are close to where the action is.

Tip two – For individuals who are sports junkies, a great way to meet new folks is taking advantage of sporting meets. In all instances of a new move, I searched for pickup soccer games and this was where I met locals. Before long, I found myself being invited to home parties, hiking, city sporting events etc.

Tip three – Say you are not a sports junkie, another way of connecting with a city is by taking advantage of the mobile app Meetup. This is a valuable tool which is basically a directory of all social groups in the city. I guarantee you will find something best suited for you – wine enthusiasts, foodies, super moms, soccer moms, divorcees, the list is endless. You should make it a point to attend some of the scheduled meets. Before long, you should be well off.

Tip four – Church. If you want to get assimilated into a city’s community, join a church. Most churches are a melting pot of all the various demographics in a city which also have community based programs and events which could be right up your alley if volunteering is your cup of tea. If you decide to be active in a church’s social program, your calendar should be clogged in no time.

Tip five – Workplace activities. Most workplaces have events which are designed to foster involvement in the company ideals – picnics, happy hour, community service etc. Do not scoff at this opportunity, because it is a way of having something to do outside work.

If you use any of these tips, you find that will have a life beyond the workplace.



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