How perception trumps reality


After I received an email that basically did nothing to resolve my situation that needed resolving, the disappointment was crushing. Immediately, my productivity crashed for the day – “why push myself to resolve extra tasks, when I cannot get a clear direction on the future?” Well, that failing test can wait.

I discussed this with a colleague and felt better – actually, I felt so good, I decided that I write about the thought that crossed my mind this morning. On a side note, I should say this; my thoughts wander the most during the wee hours of the morning – you should tap into that goldmine. It has been (and is still) the source of posts on this blog.

Anyways, as I read the press release of the NFL (in collaboration with Bose) banning players and coaches from sporting Beats headphones when the TV cameras are on, and for 90 minutes after that, all I could say was “too late”.

This brings to light the desperate fight that Bose is persecuting against Beats. To be clear, Bose sounds and speakers trump that produced by Beats in every category. Beats realizing this a long time ago, decided to sell itself as a “cool” technology to own. While Bose was busy strutting around brandishing specs that mattered to nobody, Beats was going after teens and young adults minds.

Fast forward to this year and Beats was acquired by Apple for approx. 3 billion Dollars. I bet you the executives at Bose were all curled in fetal positions shivering, wondering how this hip hop rag-tag bass heavy piece of crap outgrew their company in terms of value.

Now, Bose is basically trying to catch up. Their answer to the Beats pill has been put out, also gunning for the holy grail of sports in the US, the NFL to re-position itself into the public eyes.

That being said, that ship has already sailed. No one uses Bose for anything other than home speakers.



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