The yawn syndrome – what to consider when writing that next blog post


My second post in a day – something really did tick me off.

Anyways, when I look at a blog post, I review its length the same way a rock climber looks at a potential climb. The length of a post in most cases, determines the type of feedback the post would receive from its potential viewers.

As a reader, if a post has between 5 – 6 paragraphs, an aversion seed has been sown. At this point, I am willing to give the author the benefit of his first paragraph. This places the fate of the post on how well its opening salvo is crafted. If it fails to meet my expectations, it’s a skip or in some cases, a complimentary “like”. See Why a start-up blogger should be wary of the like button.

If a post goes beyond the 6 paragraph range, it’s an automatic skip. It sounds cruel, but there are a million-and-one blog posts that are vying for my attention and no one has time to read a term paper.

But for a post that is within the golden 5 paragraph range, chances are high that I will read the whole article and maybe add a comment at the end. This is not a given, but the fact that I perceive an article as concise and to the point will make its perusal an attractive idea.

From my writing experience, it takes skill to be able to convey your idea within a limited paragraph count – something I actively practice and strive to maintain in order to avoid the yawn syndrome.

Do you watch your paragraph count?


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