What makes us human – Our Prejudices?


Yes, our Prejudices……it’s what makes us human. This is one certainty in life. It may seem like a fallacious statement, but let it sink in….. Again, I say, we all have our Prejudices. Ask yourself “could I be prejudice against someone or something?” You may answer in the negative, but I guarantee that you are wrong on this.

To be clear, there is a huge difference between being prejudice and having Prejudice. Wikipedia defines Prejudice as a positive or negative evaluation of another person based on their perceived group membership“. Whenever the word Prejudice is brought up, we instantly think negative. But from the rudimentary definition of Prejudice, it is basically a form of human emotion – emotions like love, hate, happiness, anger, sadness, envy, jealousy etc. This also means that you can be positively prejudiced against someone or something.

Whenever the average person is accused of being Prejudice, they automatically recoil in horror. Some even attempt to moonwalk back their opinion that raised the accusation in the first place – This is wrong. I say this, because we are all prejudice against something – the other gender, the other social class, the other profession, the other genre….the list is endless. As a matter of fact, I can off the top of my head come-up with a handful of positive and negative prejudices that are in the public domain.

This is where it goes all wrong – when you act on your Prejudice as an impulse or default cause of action, you cross the thin line into the realm of the “isms”.

Just a thought.


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