#22 things about this guy


3 weeks ago, a friend of mine compiled a list about herself. After going through her list, I replied by asking her how she could come up with 22 things about herself. She replied by challenging me to write my list in one sitting. She added, “You will be surprised with what you discover about yourself”. Considering that I made the conscious decision to put out so little information about myself on this blog, I decided to take her up on her challenge to present readers with a mental picture of my person.

The terms of the challenge is to come up with a complete list in one sitting.

  1. I am in tune with my Spirituality. I say my prayers and I believe in the presence of a superior power.
  2. I hate Religion.
  3. I love to cook.
  4. I always have conversations with myself, most times, trying to convince myself (who I refer in the third person) on the merits of a case.
  5. I never pass up the chance for a good argument.
  6. I play soccer and Ping-Pong at a very good level.
  7. I am a Software Engineer and I get paid to design, build and test software
  8. I stutter. Though I’ve found out with age, I rarely stutter anymore. But I’ve got my moments.
  9. I love to watch movies.
  10. I am to be 31 years of age.
  11. I am a pragmatist. Why waste your energy on something that will not work? Life is too short.
  12. I am a sports junkie. Anything sports on TV, I devour.
  13. Single (Yet to be married).
  14. Oldest of five kids.
  15. I only read fiction (James bond stuff – Ludlum, Brown, Forsyth etc.). If you bring anything remotely related to romance books close to me, it would get burnt (you’ve been warned). Though, I was able to endure 50 shades (A). The other two parts are collecting dust.
  16. I am more of a wine person. Though, Colorado is beginning to pull me to the beer divide.
  17. I enjoy dancing – yep, i still got it
  18. I get bored easily. I prefer being stimulated upstairs to get full value. Anything else is a waste of time.
  19. I rarely head out (unless I am dragged out by at least 6 persons simultaneously). After work, all I want to do is slump on the couch and recuperate.
  20. I cannot stand flies and cockroaches.
  21. I eat my salad with Ketchup (yes).
  22. I laugh a lot, which is responsible for my absurdly young look.

There you have it. I wrote this in less than 15 minutes and was shocked at how quickly I was able to fill this up.

Try it yourself.


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