Why does the LGBT community need “the church’s” approval


It is common knowledge that the “Church” is under immense pressure to admit “gays” into its fold. This, in the opinion of most watchers, is the single most pertinent issue facing “the church” today.

My position on “the church” is clear – I believe that they were/are vestiges of the past used to deify humans on earth. But while I hold no love for “the Church“ and its questionable past, I cannot help but frown at the way the LGBT community is pushing its agenda for inclusion into society.

First things first, I have advocated for equal recognition of the LGBT community – specifically the legalization of same sex marriage for benefits sake. It is only fair that if you are a responsible member of society who pays taxes and contributes to society, your marriage should be accorded all accruable benefits the government has to offer. My personal beliefs on the issue are my PERSONAL opinion (and let’s leave it at that).

Now that same sex marriage bans are being overturned in virtually every state in the US, the question is, why “the church”? Why empower people who should have no bearing on who you choose to spend your life with? It’s not as if you need a pastor’s blessing to get married – as a matter of fact, you can get married in a drive-through in Las Vegas for the token fee of $60. Then, why push for acceptance from the “the church”? For me, this is a head-scratcher. If the government chooses to legalize same-sex marriage, what else is needed?

This is all that should matter – That you and your spouse can receive spousal benefits, and not if “the Church” approves of my union – something which I think will never happen. What are the odds of “gays” being accepted into an institution that does not recognize any forms of birth-control? Good luck trying.



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