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I had resisted the urge to write anything about Domestic violence and our bandwagon (knee jerk) criticism of the NFL. But at this point, it is enough. For 2 months I have stumbled upon articles, op-eds and blog posts which have joined the gravy train to criticize the NFL. This worries me – it worries me a lot.

It worries me a lot that we all feel that criticizing and piling on the NFL and sports as a whole will reprieve us of the guilt that we as a society has brought upon ourselves.

The collective societal guilt stems from the fact that we do not take domestic violence serious. Do a cursory check on the average punishment meted out on domestic violence cases by the law and you will be shocked. WE AS A SOCIETY DO NOT PUNISH (SEVERELY) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OFFENDERS. If we do not do this, why are we pointing at the NFL? Why are we calling for the heads of NFL players? It’s more like, if we scream at the NFL loud enough, we could pat ourselves in the back and go to bed and sleep soundly at how well we have done our job as a society.

Let me say this clearly, (something we might not admit openly, but in our subconscious we can attest to this) domestic violence now has a face. It is black in color. While we are at that, spare me your intended horror. I say this, because if we are all piling on an organization that employs upwards of 60 percent black individuals and all the cases we are focusing on have been black athletes, it does push the narrative that only black males are involved in domestic violence.

If we push for change in laws policing and punishing this (through our law makers) we will be able to effectively tackle this, instead of writing self-righteous articles and pointing at the NFL as if it will solve the problem of domestic violence.

My 2 cents.


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