Another case of innocent stereotyping


I love Colorado. One of the reasons I love the state is its super chilled culture. Places like Fort Collins, Boulder have amazing bars with a million and one combination of beers; not to mention hippies (the reasonably clean ones) – I love them and their care free attitude.

Well, back to the premise of my story. My friend and his fiancée dragged me out for a mini festival occurring at one of the City’s square. Midway into the concert, while we were having fun, a middle-aged hippie walked to our table and tried to chat us up.

He introduced himself and was mumbling something along the lines of “it’s good you guys are having fun here….you have nothing to worry about… are in safe hands…we are all good people”.  I tried to be polite by smiling at him, hoping he will realize that I was being nice and that his time was up – no Siree….he never got the memo. Apparently, he became comfortable and even ordered a beer.

To put things in context, Colorado isn’t the most diverse place in the world. So, when you look different, you really stick out. Anyways, I gave up hoping the fellow would leave us and lowered my guard after I determined that he was just a hippie who wanted to have some fun with strangers.

30 minutes passed and while the four of us were moving in rhythm to the live band’s music, the hippie looked to my friend and asked him “are you a rapper”. I almost choked on my beer. My friend nonchalantly answered no but his fiancée was furious – “is it every black guy that is a rapper”.

At that point, I think the fellow knew he had messed up….he quietly disappeared into the crowd.


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