Which emotions best aid writing?


I have discovered that my writing urge varies with my emotional state. In the few months since I started writing on here, the rate of publishing and subject matter have constantly reflected my state of mind.

Two emotions have basically fuelled this blog – Anger and Happiness – this I found out yester night. During a review of my blog posts, I found out that during times of anger/frustration, I put out subject matters that are angry in style (usually a negative critique aimed at society or the church). Also I noticed my average count of post increased during such periods.

Articles related to software code issues, movies, picture collages etc.(which mostly surface on Fridays lol) illustrates the happy emotion which also helps me write quirky stuff.

One weird emotion which was/is missing is sadness. I never write when I am sad. One would expect that during times of melancholy the “pen” should operate full-time, but not in my case.

Which emotions fuel your writing?


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