You cry like a girl


Anyone notice the latest installment of the PC machinery gone awry. This time, its victim is/was Ted Bishop. Until recently, Ted was the president of the professional golfers association of America (PGA), but right now he holds the unenviable title of being the first PGA president to be booted out of office.

Why was he booted out? Well, I meant voted out…..He responded to a golfer’s disparaging remarks aimed at his fellow golfers in his book. Ted wasn’t impressed. He initially went on Twitter and called the said golfer a “lil girl”. He then added on Facebook “Really? Sounds like a little school girl squealing during recess”.

The comments were labelled “sexist” and he was asked to resign. Ted in his usual fashion refused to cede to those demands, instead preferring to apologize to the executive board in person. It’s safe to say he fought a lost battle, in rather unceremonious fashion, he was voted out and stripped of all benefits accorded to past presidents. The only thing he left with was his PGA membership.

What a price to pay for “crying like a girl”


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