Making new friends as you age


I was reading a blog yesterday during which an interesting topic was broached (unknowingly to the author). The author was in his 40’s and he talked about how it is virtually impossible to make new friends as you age. The author highlighted that, when you move a lot, you end up with your spouse as your only friend.

According to him, his “supposed” friends fall into two categories – work colleagues and the “Neighbors”. Work colleagues are what they are…..WORK colleagues. The Neighbors are your subconscious competitors who you use as a yardstick to measure your standing in life. You quickly find out that you cannot let your guard down with these groups of “friends”. One could conclude that as you age, you have no time to cultivate new friendships because everyone within your age bracket is consumed by their careers and families.

This is very similar to my situation. Due to my career choice, I have moved a lot and I’ve found that it is very hard to make new friends. The closest to a friend I have made in the past 5 years was a previous colleague who shared my interest in women (we were the only single guys in a 90% married company). Back then, we hung out a lot and chatted often at work, but right now, he lives in a different state, so we do not talk as often.

The only actual friends I have are my childhood friends. Sad thing is that they live thousands of miles away from me (across the great pond). The only time we talk is when a new milestone has been reached such as a new baby, a wedding or a career change. Other than that, it has been a struggle keeping in touch as our individual lives have changed from single hormone driven boys to family men.




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