Halloween, the adults Christmas


Hey everyone, Halloween is around the corner – puke. For the past week, I believe you have had this fact thrown to your face – either at work or during commercials, we have all been reminded that it’s that time of the year.

Halloween is fast becoming the new Christmas for adults. Parents look at Christmas with dread because of all the “gifts” and mandatory events which they have to grace as hosts or attendees. Halloween is the other way round, stuff your kids into hideous (itchy) costumes and push them out into the neighborhood to plead for candy all the while using the opportunity to have some “quality” time with your spouse. And ohh, don’t forget that you get to decide which candy they eat (with you consuming the rest when they are asleep).

At work, you get to tryout that new costume you’ve been fantasizing about (I once had a guy come to work dressed as Dick Butkus). For those couples who decide to indulge themselves, they can still head out for Halloween parties where they get to take pictures for their Facebook profiles – all for a semblance of a life that they convince themselves can still be fun after taking the plunge.

It is the last time, adults tend to be kids before the downhill obstacle course that is the festive season.

On a side note, word has it that Ebola hazmat costumes are available and can be purchased for a token fee.


17 thoughts on “Halloween, the adults Christmas

  1. Susie sent me!

    Those Ebola costumes are horrible…just like the fact that they’ve decided to make a “Hot Zone” series. Just in time for (pardon the pun) Ebola fever. URGH.

    1. Well, we know how these things work, people will take advantage of the situation to make a quick buck. Sad.
      Anyways thanks for the visit. Will check out your blog.

    1. Yep. It definitely caught my eyes. I am amazed that the kid would feel comfortable with it. Maybe his parents just stuck him in front of the camera
      Thanks for the visit. Will visit your blog

  2. Trick or Treat! Stopping by from Susie’s Halloween Party. I’m actually a fan of things dark, and creepy, hence my love of Halloween over any other “holiday”. Nothing like being able to wear the more fun clothes in my closet and NOT be ridiculed or shunned when seen in public, even if it is for just one day out of the year :-).

  3. I love Halloween, obviously! It’s my favorite holiday for many of the same reasons. Even though our kids are grown, we’ll answer the door as the Addams Family!
    Thanks for stopping by the party! Lots of new faces in the crowd!

    1. Haha….The dog and kid were calm given the circumstance. I suspect someone was holding a treat behind the camera. Anyways, thanks for the visit Jackie. Expect a visit from me to your blog.

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