Increasing your Blog followership organically – the how

I know this topic has been flogged to death as there are hundreds of articles online on how you can increase your blog followers. When I speak about followers, I mean a dedicated audience who are notified of your every post. Now, the question is, if there are lots of articles about blogging tips, why do you still find blogs on the fringes struggling to get more than ten views a day?
In the four months since I focused on this blog, my followers have quadrupled in count. During this process, I carefully monitored my progress in terms of viewership, follower count and how these are linked to a post. In the end, i arrived at the conclusion that these three steps are solely responsible for building your follower count (organically).
One, Tags. The most important item in snagging a “fresh” follower off the web is Tags. Think of a tag as a hook to pull in your potential follower. Tags makes it easier for people to find your content, because they are specific keywords which are linked to your post. For example, if you are writing articles about pre-school kids and your Tags are words like parenting, schooling for pre-school babies, education for kids etc. You are assured that you would attract your target audience because most of these individuals who may need your content will go online, type those similar words and will get routed to your post.
Two, Subject matter and introduction. Now that you have snagged a potential follower, how do you make them scour your article? Remember, the average reader’s attention span is very short, so your subject should be crafted in a way as to invite them into your first paragraph. Your first paragraph should state the intent of your article and be very concise. It should tell the viewer “this is what I want to talk about and this is why I am talking about it”. This presents a very clear picture of what you intend to do. In this age of instant gratification, you want your readers to get an instant bang for their buck (on in this case, click).
If you succeed in pulling off points one and two, congratulations!! They liked your post and enjoyed your writing. The work is not yet done, remember you want a reader to be hooked on your product, right? The best way to remind a reader of your stuff is delivering on a daily basis. According to my observation, during extended periods of posts inactivity, my viewership and new followers activities also dropped and it took days of “ramping” back up to get things back to normal.  For a young blog, this is extremely crucial to its success. You do not want folks returning to your blog to see the same posts; when this happens on 2, 3 occasions, the reader will get bored and leave for good. Personally, I push myself to write (at least) a post every two days (and mind you, I have a day job). After a while of reading your (hopefully interesting) posts, they will get addicted to your stuff.
Make an effort to practice these tips and you will see a steady sustainable growth in follower-ship.

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