Guy Scott – Matters arising


By now, you must have heard about Guy Scott. He was sworn in as Zambia’s interim president. For those that do not know, Zambia can be found in the southern part of Africa (fodder for being African – Part 3). What makes Scott’s case noteworthy? He is “white”. He is the first “white” president to hold that post in the continent since……..since…….South Africa’s Frederik de Klerk (during the Apartheid era ).

While i am not from Zambia, I am African and personally, when i first saw the (typical media clickbait) headline, i was curious. But after researching his rise to the (Interim) presidency, i would say he has paid his dues.

That being said, there are the usual accusations of white privilege which is inevitable for someone in Scott’s position. This was clearly illustrated by a famous question the previous President asked him “If you were not white, what would you be?” to which Scott answered “the President”. #epic

Unfortunately, he would not be eligible to contest the upcoming elections, because his parents were not Zambians (his parents were Scottish). I also bet, there will be a push in most southern-African legislatures to ratify their constitution to prevent other Scott’s from reaching such lofty positions.

Interesting times indeed.



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