And she said, ordain us women


Well, that was how she put it in her request to the powers that be. The church? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (informally known as Mormons), the woman in question? Kate Kelly – a former human rights attorney and a Feminist.

Kelly was excommunicated in June this year after her actions and public comments were deemed toxic to the “laws and order” of the church. She appealed the decision but her appeal was recently denied.

My opinions about “the church” and “Religion” are well documented on this Blog. I believe they are relics from the past which were used to deify humans and oppress people. The constant push by civil liberties into “the church” is unnecessary and frankly speaking, a waste of time. “The Church” does not pay benefits, it does not protect the citizenry, it does not promulgate and enforce laws, so why the push for acceptance from a glorified social gathering? Instead, Civil liberties should focus on the State to ensure that discrimination of any form against any group is frowned upon. In this case, the only people who benefit from such back and forth is the media (another arch-enemy of mine).

If Kelly feels like she is not fully represented as a Mormon, she should start her own Church. After all most of the orthodox churches were split off the Catholic Church due to philosophical disagreements.

Her actions have been labelled as apostasy from the Church’s highest ruling body. An excerpt of her words, “I maintain to this day that I am not guilty of apostasy. I have love for the gospel and its people. I have encouraged others to stay inside the Church, if they are able. … It is not too late for my leaders to declare my innocence and restore me to full fellowship”.

Kate Kelly plans to further appeal the ruling up to the First Presidency of the Church. Good luck.


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