The reality of populist uprisings, the aftermath


When the Ukrainian president took over the reins of leadership, he came in talking tough towards Russia. He promised to flush the “Terrorists” from the “motherland”. The Ukrainian people hailed him as the one who could standup to Russia. The one who could repay the human and societal sacrifice paid during the uprising.

Almost a year later, reality bites. Crimea is gone, large swaths of resource rich Eastern Ukraine is in the hands of the separatists. The promises and tough talk of the West has not translated to the dreams of a utopian society.

Last month, Ukraine had to negotiate (plead) a deal with Russia for gas supply during the winter. Also, Ukraine is trying to lift Russian ban on its agricultural produce. The fact is that Ukraine needs Russia for its survival – it’s that simple. Another important fact, almost all countries which had populist uprisings are in disarray.

Meanwhile, the separatist region is holding elections to elect its own officials and the Ukrainian president is helpless. The most that can happen is tough talk, nothing else.

So much for standing up to Russia.


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