Elections, Elections


Thankfully, today is the mid-term elections. Thankfully, after today, we would be spared the nonsense ads laced with half-truths we see on TV. Thankfully, words like “across the aisle”, “compromise”, “Leadership”, “Obamacare”, “middleclass”, “Washington”, “abortion”, “tax cuts”, “family values” etc. would no longer be brandished around as if lives depended on it.

(Funny, they always talk about their ability to compromise, yet, on major hot button issues, everyone falls behind rank and file to continue the gridlock. A joke)

Most importantly, traffic gridlock in our cities would cease to exist. Ever wondered why those road constructions begin in the months leading up to elections? Think about it, when did that road construction (which delays your commute to and from work) start? I bet you it started no later than 2 months back.

Anyways, thankfully, the charade comes to an end today.

Go vote!


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