Two things – The Sugar Tax and a Cashless society


I have always wondered why junk/processed food is cheap while healthy natural foods are expensive. Anyways, amongst the chaos that was last night’s elections, one important issue was on the ballots for the uppity folks of Berkeley, California. The sugar tax (which was passed in a landslide), otherwise known as Measure D will levy a 1-cent-per-ounce tax on sodas and sugary drinks, and the money will go to the city’s general fund.

The proponents of the law hopes that increased cost of soda would discourage kids from drinking copious amounts of sugar laced drinks that are primarily responsible for diabetes and obesity. The opponents argue that kids should be allowed to make such decisions.

One thing to note, this measure had failed in all previous attempts in previous states and this is the first to pass.



I rarely walk around with more than $20 in cash, instead, I use my array of cards. Today I went to a Tailor to make some alterations to a couple of my pants. After the markings, the lady presented a bill, during which I brought out my card to pay; the lady in a heavily accented (eastern European) English said, “No card! No plastic! Only cash or check”.  Huh?

I had to step out of the office to search for an ATM. I was furious. 30 minutes later, when I came back with the cash, I asked why she did not accept cards. She replied “small business”.

I realized we are spoiled with our cards. The woman reminded me this.

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