Lazy Sunday evening rant – Men’s fashion app


2 hours later and my search for the ideal male fashion app is still futile. As the average Joe in the software industry, the time from waking up to breakfast usually ranges from the 15 to 20 minutes range; with the dress-up part accounting for approximately 2 minutes or less. Lets face it, no guy wants to stress over what to wear, especially if it’s for work. So, most times, I end up limiting myself to the “easy-outs” – the same pair of jeans with an exclusive set of t-shirts and sneakers. Every morning as i peep into my closet, i end up concluding that i do not have enough clothes only to discover (during lazy Sundays) that i have a closet stuffed with stuff i never knew existed.

One of my major fashion challenge is color-matching. I mean, I can hold my own with the mainstream combinations (blue and black) but when it involves grey and other derived colors like aqua, indigo etc. I black out. So, today, i decided to search for a male fashion app that could help me in color matching. So far, all the apps I’ve discovered “suggests” what to buy. They are nothing but glorified shopping apps that show you what celebrities wear and tell you to purchase it (to look and feel like them, I guess). Some apps will allow you to upload your wardrobe, schedule what to wear on your Calender, but none offers the ability to match colors for you. Disappointing.


Photo credit: Google


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday evening rant – Men’s fashion app

  1. Perhaps looking instead for a color wheel that shows you pleasing combinations…? 🙂 I too am somewhat fashion challenged and tend to wear the color combinations I learned in elementary school (much to my more fashion forward friends’ chagrin).

    1. Thanks Satin sheet Diva. I think i would try your option. But its weird that there is nothing out there to help considering the fact that there is an app for basically everything.(even to tell you when to take a piss).

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