Blast from the past, relishing my college lifestyle


In the past one week, I have enjoyed myself. As I await my start date for my new assignment, I have taken the opportunity to turn back the clock on my college days. I’ve noticed myself getting out of bed after 8:30am, having a beer as early as noon, T.V series binge watching, catching up on some of my neglected novels, even attempting to follow-up on some of those female social calls. All these habits were unthinkable a week and half ago.

When I received my recent offer, I pushed to start as soon as possible, but my liaison was surprised “Ken, why don’t you take like 2 weeks off to have some rest? You just completed a project yesterday”. An awkward silence followed, I thought, oh shit, I really do need to slow down, I really need to enjoy being lazy, and I need to go to bed late with no consequences.

For the first few days, it has been awkward, but I’m beginning to get a hang of things – though short-lived.

Photo Credit: Google


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