I am right, you are wrong

arguing 3

Once i got wind (on twitter) of President Obama’s speech on immigration, i dreaded turning to the usual political channels – FOX, MSNBC, CNN et al. After i summoned the courage, i first tuned to MSNBC to find Rachael Maddow basically giddy at the president’s move. Then, i held my breathe and dived into FOX to meet Sean Hannity (and his analysts) breathing fire and brimstone.

But the night imprinted another sobering note. Both sides are (and always will be) always right. All you have to do is listen to the extreme opposites of both sides view on the same issue – it makes you wonder how such opposing views can be generated from a single issue. Nobody wants to back down and are willing to shout to the heavens to buttress their point – any opposing views are from heathens and should be scorned.

In the end, the losers are we – the average Joe’s.

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5 thoughts on “I am right, you are wrong

  1. I agree with you! It is very hard for me to listen to mainstream media in America. Both sides are unwilling to discuss and learn from each other in a productive manner. It’s all hateful pompous stuff.

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