Understanding your human value


When you live tens of thousands of miles away from what you call home, sometimes all you have are memories of home to go on.

I grew up with five friends and we were inseparable. By no means was our bond perfect; we had the usual squabbles, fights and conflict of interests. Did I forget to mention that some of the causes of conflicts had to do with women? Anyways, 30 years later, we are still present at each other’s weddings and still bust balls at that.

Ten years ago, we organized a party during which I could not be available. Prior to this episode, I had never missed any of our parties, so this was a first. During this period, I had questioned my role within “the team”. I felt unappreciated. I felt that because I was willing to (easily) sacrifice to aid “the team” to achieve its goals, I was selling myself short.

Well, during the days after the event, all of them (individually) came up to me to bemoan my absence. Each wished I had been present to grease and liven up the atmosphere, pleading that our next party had to be properly planned to ensure I was present.

All this came as a shock to me, but made me understand our human value and the void left by our absence from our loved ones (no matter how inconsequential it may seem to us).

Hope you had an amazing thanksgiving.


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