When i realized wrestling was fake

Ages Of Man

I bet we all have crossed this bridge at one point of our lives. I vaguely remember the feeling of disappointment meshed with slight anger at my being scammed of my pure (childhood) emotions. Growing up, I adored wrestling; stars like Rick flair, Razor Ramon, Tatanka, Yokozuma, XXX, the (original) Undertaker (with the pall bearer), Shawn Micheal etc. were my favorites. Every Wednesday, wrestling was an event at home, so much so that it was a precursor to family meetings.

Like my wrestling discovery, my transition into adulthood came with so many revelations that ran contrary to my childhood beliefs. I lived somewhat of a protected childhood and this later turned into a disadvantage during those crucial years. Beliefs like, trust no one, no one owes you anything and you are responsible for your failures (and successes) were lessons I learned first hand in my adolescent-early adult years. So profound were these lessons, that I made up my mind to leave home for a different kind of challenge. One that would ensure that I had no option of failure.

One which I am living now. The best decision of my life (so far).


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