The week that was….


Its been a week since i last checked into WordPress, so while i have a few seconds, let me catch up. So, lets see, what has changed in the world since last week? nothing new, the world is still being flushed down the toilet, everyone is killing each other, oil prices are crashing and the shale oil producers (and financiers) are about to go belly-up.

So, you see, nothing new there….moving on…. (Personally) In the past week, i did realize that California is an entirely different country. The food is different, the weather is different and their description of a storm is also different. The hardest pill to swallow is the sheer cost of a decent apartment in a “safe neighborhood” (we know what that means).

The new job has been fast paced and basically akin to being dropped off in D-day Normandy France with a pocket knife; definitely a challenge, but its exciting. Also survived the end of year party (considering the fact that I’m barely two weeks into the job).

The week that was…..


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2 thoughts on “The week that was….

  1. I am from Northern California and totally agree with you about everything you wrote… especially the storm part. I live in Phuket Thailand now and the tropical storms here blow the California storms out of the water. Good luck in your new home and job!

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