The new year-Stuart Scott


Howdy….To be sincere, I lost the zeal to write (and i am still trying to find it). Even the new year bug missed me. I was at home, but did not feel the need to felicitate and wish everyone sweet nothings this year. A bit harsh, but yeah, that’s reality.

Anyways, Stuart’s Scott demise brought me here. I never knew how much he meant to me till he passed on. His passing brought back so many childhood memories, reminded me of mortality and the inevitable reality of how much I’ve grown.

I grew up with ESPN in the early 90’s and i remember being piqued by this African-American newscaster who was different and how listening to him was fun. I enjoyed Sports-center because of him. When I got the initial news of his death on Sunday, i brushed it off. It was the next day that the realization hit me.

I must confess that I did not know of his struggles with cancer, but I did notice that his eye-sight was (for lack of a better word) “iffy”- looking. But he will be forever tied to my childhood memories.

On a side note, think of the some folks who were turned off by his “style” of news-casting. (I bet they are amongst those celebrating him). Chuck that up along-side the Muhammad Ali’s. #foodForThought

Photo Credit: Google


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