An Awkward yesterday


As I  was stuck in my (affectionately called) “meditation morning traffic”, the yesterday’s event rung a bell in my head. Yesterday was MLK’s day and while it was supposed to be a National public holiday, we were requested to come to work due to the critical time-frame for delivery of our project. We were told that President’s day would be our day off.

So, (yesterday,) i come to office and as expected, traffic (on the road and in the office) was light. The folks who came to the office and i mean everyone gave me this look of “aren’t you supposed to be celebrating your day?” (Did i add, another perk of being African in the US)

** On a side note, how many police departments around the country would be “celebrating” MLK day?……….. just kidding**

Phew….Side-stepping that minefield, yesterday felt awkward as it felt like a day everyone wanted to “just get over with it”. Even in traffic this morning, i could see people smiling. Its like, everyone is happy that everything is back to normal.

An awkward yesterday.

Photo Credit: Google


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