So, what constitutes answering questions?

The answer may seem simple, but its more complicated than you think. For starters, its super-bowl week and one Marshawn Lynch (supposedly) spoke to the media.

Marshawn Lynch has a history (or lack of it) with the media. Since his Buffalo bills days, he has stone-walled the media, refusing to answer questions and has been fined numerous times for skipping media interview. This time, he did fulfill his media day contract (which stipulates that he should be present to answer questions from journalists for 4 minutes) but his response is what got the media world buzzing.

Much of the flak he (Marshawn) has received is (primarily) from the media (and maybe some control freaks out there). The issue is, what exactly constitutes answering a question? Is it when you respond (irrespective of the quality of answer) or when you give a responsive answer.

From the video, he basically answered all questions, just not to the liking of the media – who i personally loathe.

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