Mayweather, Pacquiao and the hypocrites


So the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout is set for Cinco De Mayo’s day and everyone (including non-boxing enthusiasts) are waiting with bated breathe to catch a glimpse of history. There are fights that have stood the test of time – my dad vividly remembers where he was during the “rumble in the Jungle”. Need I add, this would be the first (and probably last time) I would buy pay-per view for a boxing event.

Skipping the obvious economic windfall to the state of Nevada and local businesses, a small group of folks have reared their heads. The domestic violence task-force. These folks are questioning why the Nevada boxing commission granted Mayweather a license to fight in the State.

And then the rebuttal: Instead of shooting your arrows at the boxing commission (or the boxer who has served his time), why don’t you appeal to the average Joe to boycott their fight? Why don’t you appeal to the average Joe to skip paying for exorbitant court-side seats, flights, buffets and hotel-rooms? Why don’t you tell the 10,000 fans who paid $10 (just) to view the weigh-in to boycott the event?. No, that would not happen, instead, we are inundated with stupid op-eds that tackles the symptoms and not the support-system that makes eradicating the scourge almost impossible.


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