Lawrence of Arabia


During the weekend, I stumbled across a movie – Lawrence of Arabia, while on Netflix. I say stumbled because Netflix has a knack for hiding all the good stuff and forcing garbage down your throat (who in God’s name would want to spend two hours of their life watching Apocalypse man? or Gun woman?).

What piqued my interest (not minding its critical acclaim and 5 stars) was the length of the movie – 3 hours 48 minutes. I could not remember the last time I watched a movie that went over 3 hours….the last that came close was the Godfather. Needless to say, it was a classic and a well thought-through movie.

But while watching the remastered version (the movie was done in 1968), I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. Good movies are rare to find these days; all you find are over-sexed testosterone-filled noise that always leaves you wondering why you are here in the first place.

Also, looking at the quality of the cast made me think of how easy it was in “those days” (and by those days, I am referring to the early 90’s and earlier) to assemble a good lot to provide excellent material. These days, you cannot put two A-list movie stars in the same room without security stoic looking lawyers trying to milk the production executives dry. Not to talk of egos as to who will get the most screen-time..

Anyways, it made me think..

Happy Labor day


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3 thoughts on “Lawrence of Arabia

  1. You speak truth about the quality and ‘thoughtfulness’ which goes into movies (and its actors!) today versus ‘pre nineties’ works. ‘Laurence of Arabia’ was and still is a classic even at that length. One of its stars, Omar Shariff, also starred in one of my favorite movies called, ‘Dr. Zhivago’ back from the sixties. It’s another long one, but if you’ve not seen it, absolutely worth the time investment. Great post!

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